As a Doctor of Medicine and Maxillofacial Surgeon, I have a broad general education in my field. And I have specific specialization in Children‘s head and neck Craniofacial Surgery.

This intensive formation has gave me into extensive experience in assessment and treatment of lingual and labial frenulums, all kind of oral lesions, mucoceles, any cranial, cervical or facial tumors or even alterations and deformations of the skull (diagnosis of plagiocephaly and surgical treatment of craniosynostosis) among other kind of lessions.

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In recent years I have completed my medical training with human nutrition courses and breastfeeding courses.

The medical problems that occur in a healthy baby and that greatly disturb parents have created, in Spain, a sanitary figure that reviews the healthy baby, to detect possible anomalies and to solve the doubts that arise about feeding and regular development of the child.

In many cases, small issues, which without being serious medical problems, can initially be muddy and overwhelm the parents even more. Many of them occur in the head and neck area.

This is the case, for example, of the lingual frenulum. Without being a serious pathology, it is relatively frequent. It is estimated that 1 in 8-10 newborns present it.

It is well known that the presence of frenulum initially causes problems in breastfeeding causing pain and fissures in the mother’s breast. The baby is not able to feed properly performing endless feedings because the suction is not effective.

On the other hand, if it is not corrected, it causes medium-term problems in the pronunciation and in the most serious cases, it doesn’t allow proper development of the maxilla, which is not able to expand.

A correct diagnosis and treatment avoids future problems and avoids that the babies prematurely abandon breastfeeding that so important for their development.

Cranial deformities usually worry so much.  At the same time, it is becoming more frequent. It is very important the early detection of postural plagiocephaly, to avoid further orthopaedics treatments that are required or even surgery.

Since any alteration or tumor in the head or neck of babies has so many repercussion at a clinical or aesthetic level, and the presence of lingual frenulum has influence of breastfeeding success, and also it is important for the correct development of the maxilla and the pronunciation, I offer a medical consultation for evaluation and surgical treatment in the case that it requires it.


    Any oral, maxillofacial or infant head and neck injury or tumor. (Diagnosis and treatment of lingual frenulum, deformities of the head or any tumor or alteration of the head and neck of your baby).






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